How you can help


Infinite Ambient is a site I make available, happily, for free- my “gift of relaxation and peace” to an audience who has supported my music since 1993.

But if you feel moved to support these Experiences, there are some tangible things you can do to help out- for example, you can:

1) Purchase a CD. This is the gold standard of supporting a musician, in my opinion. Physical media seems to be the exception and not the rule lately. But I’m still releasing CD’s, and will probably do so until the last pressing plant closes. You can visit my Bandcamp page and browse through the CD’s i have available by clicking HERE

2) Purchase an album or single download. This is pretty much the gold standard of support as well- with the added bonuses of not having to wait for delivery of a CD by post, and not having to read the occasionally skewed liner notes that make it on to the inside of my cd’s. You can find my music wherever you buy your downloads- iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp- and whatever new download service has popped up in the time that it took to write this paragraph. Likewise, you can purchase my digital singles and EP’s at the Bandcamp link above.

3) Stream my music. Ok, among musicians, this is a VERY controversial thing to say. If you’re not a musician, then you should know that everything you’ve read about streaming is true: musicians get around four tenths of a cent per stream, meaning it takes around 2,000 streams of songs from an album to get the $8 they’d get if someone bought an album download. While I’m not crazy about these numbers at all, i also understand that this particular genie isn’t going back into the bottle any time soon. So if you wish to send some tenths of a cent my way, you can check out my Spotify page HERE, my Apple Music page HERE, and my Amazon Music page HERE And if you like what you hear, I have downloads and CD’s available for good prices at Bandcamp

4) Tell a friend. Even in this social media/influencer age, nothing beats word of mouth recommendation. So if you have a friend who you think would enjoy a few moments of musical relaxation, send them here!